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I really enjoy using your product. I especially enjoy the fact that I no longer have to browbeat my business partner to give me his billable time so I can invoice our customers. He keeps track as he goes. What a concept!
Richard Greiling Axion Systems, Inc.
I spent about three hours looking at software to help me log my time, and found a lot of applications to choose. I chose to buy your package because you did a very nice job meeting my requirements. It is going to save me a lot of time and misery. I wish that I would have found this package a few years ago so thanks for the hard work it took to build and ship it. Its a very nice product and well worth the cost, Good Job.
Greg Kope Multilink Systems, Inc.
Complete Time Tracking is a necessity for every time based professional to track and charge correct fees to clients for time expended on projects. Using this program allows me to charge for every minute to each client and track each project. After using this program, I realized the number of items, I just never got around to listing on Invoices. My Monthly Chargeable Hours total has increased and as a result, so has my income. Time Tracker is so simple to operate, just a couple of clicks and the reports from the database are fantastic. Many thanks.
Stephen Jones Arana Photography Pty Ltd
Complete Time Tracking is a great software product for the independent professional! I downloaded it based on a friend’s recommendation, and right away it was clear I could avoid messing with numerous spreadsheets to track time spent for different clients on different projects at different rates. CTT helps me manage these details so simply and elegantly. Very, very, well done.
Matt Vaughan
Thanks for a great product … I’ve been looking for a decent time-tracker on and off, for years … and having used CTT for a few months, it does everything we need and its so easy to use.
David McCarthy WORD-right
First, I just wanted to tell you that this is a superb product: small, easy to use, intuitive. I’ve worked for major international corporations that rely on time tracking for HR and project planning and I have yet to see anything as effective as Complete Time Tracking. Well done! … Thank you again for this great product. I have been showing it associates who have been equally impressed.
Clive Pottinger 0789997 B.C. Ltd
I love this program. LOVE it! Thank you for making this affordable and functional, for those of use who are desperate to easily log our time.
PJ Unkel
The automatic show/hide is really a neat feature, as this allows me to register time very accurately. Of course, there’s always the essential topic of discipline and turning it into a habit, but the software does work a lot with you here. Another great feature is the possibility to simply change the category and have the software continue to register time without any further interaction. Thank you also for your excellent service!
Tom Andries Method Innovation Group
First off, thanks for a GREAT product… been using it for six months or so and it’s been fantastic… best money I ever spent… keep it up.
Marko Simovic
I work in an E-learning University so it’s very difficult to count the time at work because most of the time we work at home, but with this software I have impressed my superiors. Thanks again.
Alejandro Franco Católica del Norte Fundación Universitaria
At last – time recording software that is high quality, excellent user interface and works well! Most of the products out there are very poor in comparison to yours!
Steve Coppard


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