Help System

A detailed context sensitive help system is provided with full keyword index and search functions. Every function is described and many “how-to’s” walk you through the steps to get results.

You can browse the complete product help system online:

User Manual

A full, printable user manual in PDF format, complete with index and hyperlinks, is installed with the program for easy online reading or printing to hardcopy. You can view the user manual online or download it to get in-depth information before you buy. The user manuals can also be downloaded separately.

Interactive Quick Start Tutorial

An interactive 90-second quick start tutorial introduces the core time tracking features to get new users up and running quickly.

The quick start tutorial automatically starts the first time that Complete Time Tracking is run and can be re-run at any time.

Short Video Tutorials

Several short video demonstrations are installed with the program. These demonstrate how to use key features such as recording and editing time, creating categories and generating reports. View the video demonstrations online now!


The online product FAQ provides answers to common questions and is periodically updated in response to frequent customer enquiries.

User Support

Have a question about our products? Then please contact us and we will be glad to help.

We strive to make Complete Time Tracking the easiest time tracking software available, providing key features to record, manage and report on your valuable time. We welcome any feedback, positive or negative.