Automatic and Manual

Complete Time Tracking allows you to track your time automatically using a stop-watch time recorder or manually by entering the start time and end time or duration. Using a combination of the two is common as occasionally you need to manually enter previous time worked away from your computer such as meetings at the start or end of the day.

Our focus is on making time tracking easy. The compact main window is the heart of time tracking and provides easy access to configuring categories, editing recorded time, and generating reports.

Automatic Time Tracking

The screenshot on the right shows the automatic time tracking mode. The Start/Stop button allows you to easily record time to a selected category (customer, project, task and so on).

Manual Time Tracking

The screenshot on the left shows the manual time tracking mode. The start time and end time or duration can be entered manually in many formats.

Continuous Time Recording

Continuous time recording allows you to simply switch between categories in automatic time tracking mode without having to stop and restart the timer. Time will automatically stop recording on the original category and start recording on the new category.

Idle Time Prompt

When you use the automatic time tracking mode, Complete Time Tracking monitors your idle time, the time that you are not using the computer. Complete Time Tracking can prompt you with what to do with the idle time, or to simply stop the timer, once the configured idle time interval is reached.

The idle prompt window displays three options so that you can choose how to handle the idle time:

  • Add it to the current time entry: The original time entry is extended/continued with the idle time period.
  • Ignore the time (leave a gap): The original time entry is stopped and the idle time is not recorded.
  • Create a new time entry: The original time entry is stopped and a new time entry is created for the idle time period.

You can also select whether to continue or stop the timer and adjust the time entry start or end time.

Instant Access

With the unique window dock and hide feature in Complete Time Tracking tracking your time has never been easier. Complete Time Tracking provides immediate access to the time tracking window without obscuring other windows and without mouse clicks. The window hides off the edge of your screen, automatically hiding when the mouse is moved away and showing itself again when you move the mouse near the hidden location. There are three alternative window display and hide modes:

  • Dock and hide at edge of screen
  • Hide to system tray
  • Normal application (taskbar button, use minimize to hide)

The time tracking window shows you at a glance the category that you are tracking time to, the current time, recorded start time, duration, income earned in real-time (if an hourly rate is set for the category), and the total time worked on the current day. You can also log work notes with the time and track work progress.

Automatic time tracking is as simple as 1 2 3:

  1. Move the mouse over the hide location to show the time tracking window.
  2. Select a new category using the popup category menu.
  3. Move the mouse away to hide the window and continue working.

The time tracking window shows the following items at a glance: Current time, start time and end time, duration of currently recording time or total duration for the current day and Income earned, updated in real time.
Time Entry Details

Add Notes

You can add work notes to the time recorded and set percent complete progress. When a category is marked as 100% complete it can be automatically hidden from selection.

Work Notes and Percent Complete
The screenshot on the left shows the work notes and progress.

The selected category, time notes and category percent complete are recalled at your next time tracking session, allowing you to easily continue your work notes and update progress.

Edit Time Entries

Previously recorded time can be edited simply and quickly. The category, user (Professional edition), start and end time, duration, hourly rate, percentage complete and work notes can all be edited.

Time gaps and overlaps can be easily identified and corrected.

The edit recorded time window allows you to adjust previously recorded time.

Note: User selection shown in this screenshot is only available in the Professional edition of Complete Time Tracking when logged in as a user with security access to view recorded time for all users.

Offline Time Tracking (Professional edition)

Offline time tracking allows you to record time entries and create categories without a connection to the central server computer.

If you work out of the office, travel or work from multiple locations you can use the offline time tracking feature to track your time directly to your own notebook/laptop computer where ever you go.

Offline Time Tracking
If you work remotely on a permanent basis, such as at a remote office, and have a temporary or slow connection to the central server computer you have the option of tracking your time directly to your own desktop computer at the remote location which will improve responsiveness and reduce connectivity errors and therefore provide a better user experience.

Periodically, when you are back at the office or a connection to the central server computer is available, you can synchronize your changes with those made by other users on the server. The synchronization is bi-directional. Your changes are saved to the server and changes made by other users are retrieved from the server and saved back to your computer.