Multi-user functionality is available in the Professional edition of Complete Time Tracking – compare products.

Central Database

Users (employees, contractors and other staff) log in to a central time tracking database using their individual secure password.

All time recorded by the users is stored in this central database which facilitates easy aggregate reporting of time recorded by all users to customers and projects and provides a convenient single backup location. Multiple databases are supported to facilitate totally separate user groups and shared category lists.

The database server has a low memory utilization and high performance and supports thousands of concurrently logged in users when the temporary database connections option is used. Multiple servers are supported.

Secure User Login

Each user is assigned an individual login name and password. Passwords are stored and transmitted securely and users can change their password at any time. Managers and other authorized users can see which user recorded each time entry and several summary and detail reports also list time by user.

The screenshot on the right shows the login window. The user is required to login at the start of each session (such as the start of the day) to record and edit time, generate reports and so on.

User Configuration and Password Setting

User accounts can be added, modified and deleted only by authorized users. Passwords can be easily reset and user details such as the user login name, persons real name, and security actions can also be modified.

The screenshot on the left shows the User Configuration window. The users real name, login name, password and security actions can be changed from this window.

A user can be deleted from the system or simply deactivated when they no longer require system access.

Per User Security Access Control

Advanced security access control allows per-user configuration of access to 40+ features, enabling managers and system administrators to specify which users are able to edit and delete their recorded time, view recorded time from other users, have access to various system functions, and so on.

The following list outlines some of the security categories and actions available.

  • Manager (view charge and cost rates, view time entries from all users)
  • Time Tracking (automatic and manual time tracking and more)
  • Configure Categories (view, add, modify, delete)
  • Edit Time Entries (view, add, modify, delete)
  • Configure Users (view, add, modify, delete and more)
  • Reports (preview and print, data view, export, summary and details reports)
  • System (backup, restore, server status access and more)
The screenshot on the right shows security action configuration. The security actions can be selected or deselected for each individual user.

Deactivate and Reactivate Users

Users such as contractors and temporary staff can be conveniently deactivated to retain their time entries yet prevent log in access to their account. Deactivated accounts can be easily reactivated if required.

When a user account is no longer actively being used it can be deactivated and by default will be hidden from selection. If the show inactive users option is selected then deactivated users will appear, allowing their time entries to be edited and the user reactivated.

Show Inactive Users