Complete Time Tracking is an advanced time tracking tool which enables you to easily record the time that you spend working for customers, projects and tasks.

  • Easy and Automatic Recording
  • Accurate Time Tracking
  • Bill Customers With Confidence
  • Keep a Work History
  • Improve Project Management and Time Estimation Skills
  • Adaptable to Your Needs

Available in Two Editions

Complete Time Tracking is available in two editions, Professional and Standard. Compare products

The major feature areas are described below. For more detailed information click through to the individual feature pages.

Automatic and manual: Time can be tracked automatically using a “stop-watch” time recorder or manually by entering start and end times or start time and duration.

Instant access: The unique auto-hide tracking window docks and hides off the side of the screen for immediate access without even clicking the mouse. Simply drag the window to the edge of the screen and move the mouse away to hide the window. Move the mouse to the hidden area and the window automatically and appears.

The time tracking window shows you at a glance the category that you are tracking time to, the current time, recorded start time, duration, income earned in real-time (if an hourly rate is set for the category), and the total time worked on the current day. You can also log work notes with the time and track category completion progress.

Set hourly rates per client, project or task. Apply custom rounding to time entries. View and modify previously recorded time, see and correct time gaps and overlaps.

Record work notes throughout the day such as details of work performed and track progress by setting % completion.

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Group time entries using categories: Track time by flexible user-defined categories such as customers or clients, projects or jobs, tasks and sub-tasks, systems – you decide. Unlike other time tracking programs you are free to create whatever hierarchy of categories that you need. For example, if you need to track time only to customers, or do not have external customers and only need to track time to projects then Complete Time Tracking can support your needs.

Tag users (Pro), categories and time entries: You can classify items with one or more free format text tags to allow custom searching, filtering and grouping.

Billing: You can set hourly rates for clients and projects (in fact any category level) and show billing amounts in reports and exported data.

Preferences: Feature-level customization allows you to set the time duration display format, default daily start time, and many convenient time entry formats are possible (for example: 9, 9am, 900, 9:00, 9.00, and so on).

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Many reports: Generate many reports including weekly timesheets, summary and detail reports by various groupings such as date or category, or by user (Professional edition).

Aggregate reports: Regular users can generate reports for their own recorded time. Managers and other authorized users can generate aggregate reports containing recorded time for all users (Professional edition).

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Data view: The in-built data view provides a quick view of report data allowing all or part of the data to be copied to the clipboard for pasting into E-mail, spreadsheet or other applications .

Export data: Report data can be exported to file in many file formats including Microsoft Excel, XML, HTML, text and more.

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Central database: The Professional edition of Complete Time Tracking includes advanced multi-user functionality. Users (employees, contractors and other staff) log in to a central time tracking database using their individual secure password.

Aggregate reports: All time is recorded centrally which facilitates aggregate reports to be generated which summarize or detail all time recorded to customers, projects, tasks and other categories that you defined.

Access control: Advanced security access control allows per-user configuration for access to 40+ features, enabling managers and system administrators to specify which users are able to edit and delete their recorded time, which can view recorded time from other users, who has access to various system functions, and so on.

Deactivate users: Users such as contractors and temporary staff can be conveniently deactivated to retain their recorded time yet disallow log in to their account. Deactivated accounts can be reactivated when required.

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Backup: Database backup and restore functions provide a convenient method for protecting your valuable data. Built-in automatic database versioning seamlessly upgrades previous version databases to provide full backwards compatibility.

Auto start: The main time tracking window can be set to automatically start when users log in to Windows, providing convenient access to begin their time recording.

Server Manager: The Server Manager tool (Professional edition), available only to authorized users such as system administrators, displays the central database status and number of connected users, and allows the time tracking system to be taken offline for backup or server maintenance.

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Reference materials: Detailed context sensitive online help is provided with full keyword index and search functions. A full printable user manual in PDF format is also provided for convenience and easy online reading.

Tutorials: An interactive quick start tutorial introduces the basic time tracking functionality to get new users up and running quickly. Several short video tutorials can be viewed which demonstrate how to perform various functions such as recording and editing time, creating categories and generating reports.

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