Upgrade Policy

We offer very generous upgrade terms. Please see the upgrade policy section in the purchase FAQ for full details.

Upgrade Instructions

Step 1 – Backup

We highly recommend that you back up your existing time tracking database before upgrading. In the event that any problems are encountered during the upgrade you can always install the previous version of Complete Time Tracking and restore your database. We also recommend that you perform periodical backups.

In Complete Time Tracking Professional run the Server Manager tool on the Server computer and backup each database listed on the Databases tab. In Complete Time Tracking Standard select Backup from the File menu.

Step 2 – Download

Download the new version from the Download page, saving the installation program to your desktop or to a folder on your computer. Ensure that you download the appropriate edition, Standard or Professional, of Complete Time Tracking. Your registration key will only work with the edition that you purchased.

Note: If you are upgrading Complete Time Tracking Professional edition then you should download both the Client and Server programs.

Step 3 – Close and Uninstall Previous Version

You must close Complete Time Tracking before installing the new version.

If you would like to perform a clean install you can uninstall the previous version by selecting Start, (Settings), Control Panel, Programs and Features (Windows Vista and later) or Add or Remove Programs (Windows XP and earlier). Select Complete Time Tracking Std/Pro, and click Uninstall or Change/Remove. Follow the uninstallĀ steps presented.

Note: Keep Data: The uninstall process for Complete Time Tracking Standard will ask if you want to delete or keep your existing time tracking database. We generally recommend that you keep your existing database unless you have performed a backup in step 1. If you select to keep your existing database it will be automatically used (and upgraded if necessary) when the new version is installed. If you select to delete your database you will need to restore your database from the backup made in step 1 when the new version is run.

Step 4 – Install New Version

RunĀ the installation program for the new version that you previously downloaded and follow the steps in the installation wizard. If you did not uninstall the existing version in the previous step you will be prompted to install the new version into the same folder as the existing version which will allow you to update it.

Step 5 – First Run

Once installed you can run the new version. Upon first run the new version will upgrade your database if necessary. You might briefly see an upgrade progress window. On some larger databases this may take a minute or two.

If you are installing onto a new computer restore the database backup you made in step 1. In Complete Time Tracking Professional run the Server Manager tool on the Server computer and select Restore on the Databases tab for each database you backed up. In Complete Time Tracking Standard select Restore from the File menu.