Technical Support

We have several resources available online to assist with technical issues including the Product Manuals, answers to Frequently Asked Product Questions, Upgrade Guide, or Server Migration Guide. We welcome all additional enquiries. If you are able to run Complete Time Tracking please contact us by selecting Email Support from the Help menu which includes some product and technical details in the message. Please include the following in your message:

  • Your name and contact deails
  • The product edition name and version
  • Your operating system name and version
  • Describe the problem in detail
  • Describe the steps that lead to the problem
  • Screenshots if possible (in Windows you can take a screenshot by pressing the PrintScreen/PrtScn key, then pasting into a HTML email or into Microsoft Paint or Microsoft Word and attaching the file)
  • Attach a┬ábackup of your database if relevant to the problem

Send the above information in an email to us:

Support Email:

General Enquiries

If you are looking for information about our products you may find the answers in the Product Overview section, the Product Manuals, Volume Pricing details, or Frequently Asked Purchasing Questions. We welcome all additional enquiries.

Complete Time Tracking is produced by Backslash Pty Ltd, Australia. Our customers are located throughout the world. Due to time zone differences we cannot always answer the phone during your business hours.

If our phone is unattended please contact us using the form below, send us an email, or leave a detailed message including the country and city that you are calling from and a contact email address. If we cannot return your call during your business hours we will reply by email.

Company Name: Backslash Pty Ltd
Company Number: 140 245 432
Address: PO BOX 50
Bentleigh East
Victoria 3165
Phone and Fax: (800) 699-0353 (US)
+1-800-699-0353 (international)

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